One of our kindergarten children comes from Scotland.Today, we invited his grandmother and grandfather who had teacher career and recently visited “Kenya” for their teaching mission. They brought lots of photos and videos and showed them on the screen with explanation in front of children.

“Very different ! ” “Wow”, children voiced when they saw the photos showing scenes of town and field in Kenya. More curiosity was shown when they watched school life of high school students who were at boarding school where each student lives together and goes to bed in the same room.

One 5 years child questioned “If their curriculum finish 11 o’clock at night and wake up 4:30 in the morning, how come they are not overslept and can attend to school on time? The teacher (grandfather) answered “they are sleeping during the class !”

Youngerchildren felt and learnt “difference”. Older children expanded their curiosity and raised quesions by comparing with their experience and knowledge from a life in Japan. It was valuable and grateful opportunity of Kenya and Africa. Everybody was happy with warm-hearted presentation.