“Nagashi-somen” is fun eating event in summer. We, Japanese like this opportunity since it contains wise way of enjoying meal in hot summer and makes you feel with season poetry from its nature story. It is said that Nagashi-somen was begun in Kyusyu district with green bamboo and water trickling out of rocks while they were engaged in farm work.

“Somen” is thin white Japanese noodle made from wheat flour. Japanese usually eat this by dipping with soy sauce based soup. “Nagashi-somen” is the activity to scoop somen flowing with water in bamboo by using chop stick or fork. Our kindergarten has this opportunity every summer. Child devotes himself or herselfto scoop somen with cup in one handand chop stick or fork in another hand overand over again. After they are succeeded,soup is poured in their cup so thatthey can dip somen and start to eat at their seat. This year, one of parentsgave us hand-stretched somen of Shodo Island. It was extremely delicisous.

Many children including participants from overseas enjoy this activity by saying “Iam very happy”.Some child who participated into the event for the first time said “ noodle was swimming in water slides ! ”

For child who says “I want to enjoy it again at home ”