It was fantastic and memorable evening of August. Our FCS’ 2017 Summer Festival was held at evening and outdoor for the first time by the support of great local company and friendly parents.


Even from weeks ago, children has been excited for thisevening, since all of parents are member of organizing festival this year and they see the process in which their mother has been involved for preparation.


Children enjoyed playinggame of Ring Throw and Yo-yo Fishing (famous playing items of Japanese Festival) ,eating hot dog and shaved ice with favorite flavored syrup and wearing informal cotton summer kimono. Some of kids from international countries had joyfultime together.


As 2ndevent, children enjoyed “Watermelon Splitting”. You put bandage over your eyes, hold long stick with your hand and walk toward watermelon for hitting.


Finally,there were special event which we have never done at kindergarten. All of children including elementary school students of graduates were really excited with hand-fireworks. Parents also enjoyed talking each other, having homemade dish and delivery meal and beer. There are good exchanging opportunity also for them to meet with graduates and their parents. Tremendous fun and exciting night !